Ladder Trolley

A ladder trolley is a type of mobile platform that combines the features of a ladder and a trolley. It is designed to help people transport goods and access items at heights, providing a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional ladders or step stools.

A typical ladder trolley has a ladder-like frame with two or more steps or rungs, which are attached to a trolley base with wheels. The frame may be made of aluminum, steel, or other materials, and the steps or rungs may be covered with non-slip materials for safety.

Ladder trolleys come in a variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the intended use. Some models are designed for light-duty use, such as in offices or retail stores, while others are heavy-duty and can be used in industrial or construction settings. Some ladder trolleys have adjustable heights, allowing users to reach different levels, while others may have additional features such as trays or baskets for carrying tools or materials.

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